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Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Upgrade From Gingerbread To Ice Cream Sandwich To Jelly Bean. Here's How

In order to successfully upgrade your android mobile phone’s operating system it is quite necessary for you to know whether your smart phone supports the latest OS or not and whether updates for your device are available or not?

There are various android smart phones that do have an upgrade from the native Gingerbread to ICS (Ice-Cream Sandwich)OS and from ICS to Jelly Bean OS whereas; there are lots of other devices too for which the upgrade is still the topic of discussion. The best way to know about this is to simply go to Settings>About Phone>Software Update. If any updates are available for your phone than it automatically shows update available in the notification bar. Either way to do it is by connecting your smart phone with your PC via USB wherein again if there are any upgrades available for your device it will automatically pop-up with an alert message of upgrade available in the notification bar. Once when you know your current OS version and about the upgrades availability it becomes quite easier for you to get along with the latest update.
Here is a simple illustration: 

1. First you need to go to settings in the phone.

2. Secondly click on about phone 
3. Now click on the software update option available at the top. 

4. If any software update is available for your phone than it automatically shows update found in the form of a popped up message and if you want to update your device just click on the download button and follow the instructions. (See to it that your internet connection is activated).

[Note: Please don’t remove the cable wire while updating your device via PC].

5. Once when the update is done switch off and switch on your device and go to settings and then click on about phone, you will see a change in the android version from Gingerbread to ICS OS and from ICS to Jelly Bean OS.

That is it. You now have a new Android operating system flavor on your phone. Have fun and share the knowledge

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